50 days to work for a Labour Victory

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Last night we had a Momentum Hackney meeting where we discussed the coming General Election. We have 50 days to build for a Labour victory - to get a government led by Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn that can transform the country by building social housing, bringing the railways into public ownership, saving our NHS, fighting against racism and sexism, creating a fairer education system and developing an economy and a Brexit that works for the whole country not just the top 1%. People in the UK are angry and want change. Corbyn and Labour represent change. If we talk to people and get that message out there, we can win. The rise of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France shows how rapidly political fortunes can shift. Here's some ideas...

Sign and share this petition to get Theresa May to appear in a televised debate because the more people who hear about Tory policies, the fewer people will vote for them: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-we-deserve-a-debate-what-s-may-scared-of?

The odds against Labour, but if enough of us bet a tenner on Labour to get the most seats or Corbyn to be the next PM, the odds will shorten and the narrative will begin to change.

We expect that the mainstream media will be relentlessly anti-Labour and anti-Corbyn. But we can challenge this. If you see some bias on the BBC, here's how to report it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/ (a phonecall will have more impact than an email). If you use social media, you can also call it out there. Twitter is a bubble but using a programme's hashtag can break out of that bubble. And there's over half a million Labour Party members with more joining all the time, we can all talk to friends and family, people we work with and anyone we run into and we can share ways of responding when people raise questions about immigration, the economy etc.

We want to focus on canvassing and campaigning outside Hackney. The Labour Party will twin us with a marginal constituency nearby but we'll also organise trips to other marginals as there are so many active members now. As well as this, we'll have a Momentum Hackney event on 9 May to help mobilise people locally. You can keep in touch with this via our FB, twitter and emails (sign up here: http://www.peoplesmomentum.com/mailing_list).

We hope to provide as many ways for people to get active as possible, including the traditional phonebanking and voter identification but also social media, film-making, design, street theatre etc. If you have creative ideas or skills that you want to use in campaigning then contact Heather at heathermendick@yahoo.co.uk